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HULFT data transfer for finance: increase interconnectivity, promote productivity, decrease risk, and reduce the need for IT support.


Financial Data Challenges

The data environment is rapidly evolving. While speed and security remain the top priorities for financial transfer solutions, increasing numbers of businesses are asking, “How reliable are our file transfers?

For banking, insurance, and securities, in particular, fast and secure data transfer for finance has become indispensable.

HULFT Transfer is a world leader in managed file transfer (MFT) technology.

By choosing HULFT, you join thousands of financial businesses across 43 countries.

Hulft Logo - Influential Software PartnersAs HULFT UK Partner, Influential is ideally situated to offer the comprehensive range of UK HULFT Services and Support.

Your business can be confident in the knowledge that HULFT and Influential have 25 years of experience in the sector. Join businesses across 43 countries who have seen the improvement.

HULFT Data Integration

Combine HULFT’s data transfer for finance solution with HULFT Integrate and HULFT Director to form a comprehensive, centralised, and intuitive data management platform.

HULFT Transfer Benefits

Speed and Simplicity: With HULFT Transfer, move terabytes of data across multiple sites at a speed that matches the deadlines of today. Avoid the manual labour and uncertainty of traditional file transfer technologies. Achieve seamless and reliable transitions between global locations.

Cloud Optimisation: Integrate HULFT Transfer with all major cloud services, with support for both public and private cloud options.

Stable Security: Influential understands that even the slightest breach can impact your brand and compliance record. HULFT’s unmatched security record relies on AES256 / HULFT proprietary encryption, data loss detection and integrity monitoring, prevention of unauthorised access, and operation log output.

Stress-Free Compliance: Track SOX, HIPAA, and more, with the visibility that HULFT provides into all aspects of the data transfer process.


HULFT Transfer for Finance

HULFT’s client stories are testimony to the success of its financial transfer solutions. Merchant banks, for example, choose HULFT to extract, validate, and transfer their data.

Insurance companies use HULFT to ensure consistency across claims, billing, customer contacts, authorisations, risk management, and user portals.

Clients who have trusted HULFT report significant improvements:

  • tougher technology solutions with less need for additional IT support
  • decreased risk from connectivity issues, thanks to transfer automation and data storage
  • increased interconnectivity between each location and all other locations
  • greater productivity, with workers freed from laborious data tasks


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