Healthcare Data Transfer:
Transforming Healthcare IT Services

Healthcare Data Transfer with HULFT and Influential - Transforming Healthcare IT Services


Make your healthcare data transfer process reliable, efficient, compliant, and cloud-optimised with HULFT solutions.


Healthcare Data Challenges

The healthcare organisations of today are awash with data from electronic medical records, devices, and wearables. Data sources are often spread across a network of government entities, clearing houses, pharmacies, payers, providers, and hospitals.

With data protection issues firmly in the public eye, healthcare organisations have to be more vigilant than ever. The process of storing, transferring and accessing sensitive data presents unique challenges in the sector.

HULFT Transfer lightens the process of moving healthcare data to where it needs to be when it has to be there – with absolute security. That’s why increasing numbers of organisations are turning to HULFT for their IT and healthcare data transfer requirements.

Join tens of thousands of organisations across 43 countries who have chosen HULFT healthcare data transfer – and experienced the results.


Hulft Logo - Influential Software PartnersAs HULFT’s UK Partner Influential is in a unique position to provide a full range of HULFT services.

Your business can be confident in the knowledge that both HULFT and Influential have 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector. From SMEs to household names and public sector organisations, no job is too big or too small.

Influential’s HULFT team is qualified to advise your business on the best solutions – HULFT Integrate, HULFT Transfer, or HULFT Director – for your data needs.

HULFT Transfer Benefits

Quality and Speed: Working with HULFT healthcare data transfer is up to six times as fast as FTP solutions. Compression technology allows large data capacity and inter-cloud service transfers.

Reliability and Security: Built-in redundancy and restart features mean there can be no faults in your data transfers. Transfer with confidence thanks to AES256 / HULFT proprietary encryption, data loss detection and integrity monitoring, and prevention of unauthorized access and operation log output.

Efficiency of Operations: No special equipment is required to use HULFT Transfer – with just an internet connection you can leverage the full capabilities.

Optimised for the Cloud: HULFT Transfer integrates with all major cloud services, as well as supporting private and public clouds.

Simplified Compliance: Total visibility makes it easy to meet compliance standards. Track SOX, HIPAA, and more.


HULFT Transfer Features

Some of HULFT’s healthcare clients can manage data transfer volumes of over 10 million interactions per day. At the same time, 30 different data systems run 500 interfaces with their own related processes. By combining HULFT Transfer with HULFT Director and HULFT Integrate, these clients have brought large data sets into one centralised management system. The integrated data platform means the effortless development of operational interfaces, reduced time in data investigations, and seamless operation among systems. It is no coincidence that HULFT is one of the world leaders in healthcare IT services today.


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