Managed File Transfer Solutions for Manufacturing

Hulft Managed File Transfer Solutions for Manufacturing - with Influential UK Partners


HULFT optimises data logistics for manufacturing with fast, efficient, compliant and secure solutions for managed file transfer.


Manufacturing Data Challenges

Manufacturing is increasingly interconnected – but does your business have the agile IT infrastructure or managed file transfer systems to match?

With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things, fast and reliable data is more crucial than ever.

That’s why the industry is rapidly turning to managed file transfer solutions.

Tens of thousands of businesses have achieved real results with HULFT – the global name for digitisation, data transfer, integration, and IoT solutions.

Hulft Logo - Influential Software PartnersAs HULFT’s UK Partner, Influential is ideally situated to offer the comprehensive range of UK HULFT Services and Support.

Your business can be confident in the knowledge that HULFT and Influential have 25 years of experience in the sector. Join businesses across 43 countries who have seen the improvement.

Influential’s HULFT team is qualified to advise your business on the best solutions – HULFT Integrate, HULFT Transfer, or HULFT Director – for your data needs.

HULFT Manufacturing Benefits

Businesses who have chosen HULFT Transfer report a raft of advantages that further their competitiveness. Combine this solution with HULFT Director and HULFT Integrate to form a comprehensive, flexible data management package. Discover the advantages of centralised, intuitive managed file transfer solutions.

  • Connected central management with remote areas via solutions with no need for IT support
  • Eliminated lag time and communication errors in the order management process
  • Reduced order errors with automated systems to replace manual input
  • Multiplied communication by connecting every location with all other locations
  • Decreased man-hours of data input, freeing workers for more productive tasks
  • Minimised risk by applying automated transfer processes


HULFT Managed File Transfer Capabilities

Security and reliability: Built-in redundancy and restart features mitigate faults in your data transfers. Transfer with confidence thanks to AES256 / HULFT proprietary encryption, data loss detection and integrity monitoring, prevention of unauthorised access, and operation log output.

Speed and quality: Working with HULFT Transfer is up to six times as fast as FTP solutions. Compression technology allows large data capacity and inter-cloud service transfers.

Operational efficiency: No special equipment is required to use HULFT Transfer – just an internet connection, and you can leverage the full capabilities.

Cloud optimisation: HULFT Transfer integrates with all major cloud services, as well as supporting private and public clouds.

Simple compliance: Total visibility makes it easy to meet compliance standards. Track SOX, HIPAA, and more.

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