HULFT Transfer:
A World Leader for Secure File Transfer

HULFT Transfer is the global choice for fast and secure file transfer, with inter-cloud service transfers, large data capacity, and transfer stability.


Secure File Transfer with HULFT Transfer Product Preview - Example Screenshot

Secure File Transfer Challenges

In the information economy, data is your most precious commodity. That’s why businesses cannot afford to compromise on speed, security, or reliability when transferring data.

Introducing HULFT Transfer: one of the most trusted solutions for secure file transfer today. Discover why tens of thousands of customers in 43 countries choose HULFT for their data logistics.


HULFT and Influential Software

Hulft Transfer - Influential Software Partners

Thousands of enterprises rely on HULFT to move their data, no matter the volume or frequency. The HULFT Transfer service is known for its speed, security, and reliability.

Influential - HULFT UK PartnersAs HULFT’s UK partner, Influential Software is uniquely positioned to provide the full range of HULFT Transfer services. HULFT and Influential Software’s 25 years of experience in the sector mean your data is in expert hands.

Influential Software’s HULFT team is qualified to advise your business on the best solutions – HULFT Integrate, HULFT Transfer, or HULFT Director – for your data needs.

HULFT Transfer Features

HULFT Transfer is one part of HULFT’s data logistics platform. Along with HULFT Director and HULFT Integrate, this solution allows comprehensive web-based central management. Features include system status updates, workload processing, access control, and user authentication. The system is highly flexible and intuitive, reducing the need for extra training and ensuring long-term ROI.

  • up to six times faster than FTP transfers
  • top-level encryption and authentication
  • easy to configure and modify from central management
  • simple to design and automate your processes

HULFT Transfer Benefits

HULFT Transfer ensures speed and security with its framework of character code conversions, multi-OS environment support, and cross-platform integrations. The software’s compression technology provides for inter-cloud service transfers, large data capacity, and transfer stability.

Businesses that have used HULFT for their secure file transfer needs report a host of improvements.

  • Removed need for manual data compilation
  • Increased international data sharing
  • Streamlined operations
  • Automated detection of data transmission errors
  • Reduced risk of order errors
  • Decreased lag time in order management
  • Minimised need for IT support
  • Integrated warehouse management and operations